Homework 8 -- Current Events in Databases

The three issues of Byte published thus far in 1998 have had about a dozen articles on databases or related technology, such as data mining and transaction processing.

For this assignment, you and up to three of your fellow CSCI 343 classmates are to choose a database-related article published in a 1998 issue of Byte and prepare a report and presentation on your chosen article. Do not draw only on the Byte article for your information. Find a few more sources for a more complete picture.

Plan on a presentation of about 15 minutes to be given in the week of 27 April. The presentation media should be computer friendly -- preferably, either HTML or PowerPoint.

When you have identified a topic, send me email. I will begin to fill in the following table with teams and chosen presentations.

Team members Topic
Vance Bell
Brian White
The OQL Standard Emerges
Dean Blair
Mark Fox
Scott Griffith
Terrence Rayner
JDBC -- Java Database Connectivity
Brent Briggs
Jeremy Gustrowsky
Betting on ORDBMS
Brian Dalton
Steven Marcus
Mass Storage
Tom Ryan Product data management
Michael Freeman
Bryan Harding
Joshua Crawley
??? to Mass Storage
???? 1998
Michael French
Jill Rochelle
Spencer Steele
Parallel Databases

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