Homework 5 -- embedded SQL


Start by executing the following commands on woodfin.cs.unca.edu

This will copy two files clist.c and Makefile into your directory. Review the program clist.c, which was recently discussed in class. This is a C program which uses embedded SQL statement to obtain information from the database you used in Homework 4.

Your job

Your assignment is to write a program which reads three lines of text from the terminal

and then, by contacting the CSCI343 database server, obtains a list of all sections of CSCI Number offered in the Term Year semester. These are then succinctly printed to the terminal.

For example, if the program input is the three lines

the program output should be

Although nice programs should prompt for input, allow users to correct bad input, and produce nicely formatted output; your solution for this assignment should strictly follow the above I/O protocol.

Due dates and turning it in

At noon on Tuesday, 10 March, a script will be run to copy clist.c from your csci/343/home5 directory. This script will be run at noon for five consecutive days. Each day your solution is missing or fails to successfully solve the problem, 20% will be deducted from your grade for homework five.

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