Final exam -- closed book section

The entire exam is to be turned in by 3:45 PM. You must turn in the closed book section of the final before you consult your textbook or notes.

Problem 1 (22 points)

Give brief (one or two sentence) definitions of the following eleven terms:

Problem 2 (4 points)

What are the two phases of Two Phase Locking?

Problem 3 (12 points)

Name the four characteristics of the ACID test for transaction management systems and give a brief definition of each of them

Problem 4 (2 points)

List two popular Database Management Systems.

Problem 5 (6 points)

What are the differences between the following three levels of database design specified in the ANSI-SPARC model?

Question 6. (6 points)

Briefly explain the requirements of the following three levels of normalization

Problem 7 (4 points)

Name a couple of ways in which different levels of RAID differ?

Problem 8 (4 points)

Circle the most appropriate answer for the following four questions.

  1. Typical access times for disk drives in 1998 are
  2. Typical access times for RAM in 1998 are
  3. The typical cost for a megabyte of RAM in 1998 is
  4. The typical cost for a gigabyte of disk storage in 1998 is

Question 9. (6 points)

Suppose the following SQL SELECT statement will list the names, department, and salaries of all company employees

SELECT Staff.Name, Staff.Dept, Staff.Salary
       FROM EmployeeTable ;

Now write two SQL statements to

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