CSCI 107 Lab 14, Creating Reports in MS ACCESS

All of the lists from tables and queries can produce printed output, but these lists are rather drab looking and cannot produce headings, totals or many other types of formats. Access as well as most DBMS applications contain some kind of report generator. We will produce a few simple reports in this lab.

We will follow the outline below.

  1. Your instructor will give a brief discussion and demonstration of some simple reports created in Access.
  2. The remainder of this handout will guide you through creating two reports.

Creating a Report

We will create a report using the Customer table in the Clasdemo2.MDB file. . If you do not already have an ACCESS folder on your floppy disk, then use the WIndows Explorer or My Computer to create a new folder on your floppy called ACCESS. Once you have the ACCESS folder on your disk, copy the file Clasdemo2.mdb from the folder t:\massey into your ACCESS folder.

  1. Open the Clasdemo2.mdb file on your disk.
  2. Click on the Reports tab, then the New button, selectDesign View
  3. Click the down arrow to choose the table, customer, click OK You now see the general format of all reports. Each band contains text and fields that appear in the report
  4. Add a title to the Report Header band as follows:
  5. CLose and save the report by selecting File, Close, Yes . The report will now appear in the Report Tab selections