CSCI 107 Lab 11, Creating a Slide Presentation using COREL Presentations

Studies have shown that "We remember only 10% of what we hear, and 50% of what we see" In this lab you will learn techniques for creating a computerized slide presentation to help us remember more of what we hear and see. It is to be noted that slide presentation is not meant to replace you as a speaker, but is to be used as a tool to enhance your spoken presentation. We will follow the outline below.

  1. Your instructor sill give a brief demonstration of a presentation using some of the techniques you will be learning in this lab.
  2. Your instructor will briefly explain how the presentation was created.
  3. The remainder of this handout will guide you through some steps to create a short presentation.
  4. You will create your own slide presentation that will be shown to the class at the begining of the next lab class.

Creating a short presentation using a Wizard and template

Corel as well as many of the other presentation applications have templates that help you quickly and easily organise your thoughts. We will use a Wizard and one of these preformed templates to create this first set of slides.

  1. Go to Start, Programs, COREL Wordperfect Suite, COREL Presentations
  2. Select Create a Slide Show Using Show Expert, OK
  3. Click Gallery, scroll through the backgrounds, select the background that you want to have for all your slides, then click Retrieve
  4. For now we will accept the Title template for the slides. Notice that each slide has three layers: a background, template and the slide. Click OK to continue and display the template options below.

    Show Expert dialog

  5. Click on each of the four tabs to see the various template options available, then select the Teach tab, then the Teach a skill OK
  6. There are four different ways of viewing your slides, which is explained in the wizard at the right. click each of the view buttons either in the Expert window at the right or on the far left side of the screen.
    View button
  7. Return to the Outline view. This outline operates similar to the outline we discussed in WordPerfect. If your blinking cursor is at the begining of any sentence, Pressing the Tab key will put you down a level, while Shift Tab will put you Up a level. The Highest level is a new slide. Pressing the ENTER key at the end of a line creates a new line at the same level.The template prompts you to replace their titles and text with your own.
  8. Change to the Slide view. Notice that the bulleted lines in all the slides are Center Justified. We must change the template by doing the following
  9. Return to editing the slides by selecting the menu option Layouts, Edit slides

Creating Transitions Between Slides

In this section we will make the changes between each slide more interesting. For practice, we will make a different transition between each slide, but it is usually better to have a consistent transition. Too much glizt can sometimes DETRACT rather than ENHANCE your talk.

  1. Be sure you are in the Slide Sorter view
  2. Right click on slide 2 and select Transition from the popup menu to display the dialog box below.

    Transistion dialog

  3. Select something other than Normal from the Type and select Cascade Bullets then click OK.
  4. In a similar manner, create a different transition for each of the other slides.
  5. To run the slide show to see the transitions, select the menu option Slide, Play Slide Show and be sure to start at slide 1.

Insert graphic images

Graphic images can be inserted anywhere on the slide. These images can be clip art, scanned pictures or shapes. Presentation software usually comes with many premade images.

  1. Select slide 1 and select the Slide Editor View
  2. From the main menu, select Insert, Quick Art, then drag a box on the slide where you want the graphic
  3. Select the 17. People category, then the 4 Discuss graphic image.
  4. To move or resize the graphic, select the pointer tool (arrow) in the upper left corner of the screen then drag/resize the graphic. Hint Dragging by a corner will not distort the graphic.
  5. Graphic shapes can be used with text. the graphic tools to the left are similar to those that we used in the other graphic applications.
  6. Save this presentation as claspres on to your floppy and turn the disk in at the end of class.

Create your own presentation

Create no more than a 6 slide presentation of anything you want. Sell a product, Introduce yourself, Describe an event or something similar. Be creative. Each of you will give your presentation in front of the class at the begining of the next lab period.