CSCI 107 Lab 10, Developing Spreadsheets Using Quattro Pro, Part II

This week we will learn some advanced techniques for working with Spreadsheets using Quattro Pro. We will cover the material on graphs and functions in Chapters 3 of your Quattro Pro lab manual. Your instructor will discuss and demonstrate each of the techniques to be covered and then you will be given exercises from the manual to work during lab. The topics to be covered are as follows:

Lab Section Number Topic Location In Manual Assignment Files Created
I Graphs pp 139--152 The exercises on pp 139--150 (stop after step 13 on pg 150) Gadget1.wb2
II Conditional Functions pp 152--155 (not including Table Lookups) The first 2 items in the checkpoint exercise on pg 157 Chkpt1.wb2
III Data Management pp 157--164 the exercises on pp 157--164 (stop after step 8 on pg 164) Grades1.wb2 Grades2.wb2 Grades3.wb2
IV Using Multiple Files pp 191--202 none none
V Using Multiple Pages pp 203--209 none none

Where to Find and Save Files

The files that you need to start the exercises in sections I, II, and III are located in the directory:

Be sure to save the work that you do in the QP directory on your floppy disk.

Lab Section I

Work the exercise entitled, "Module 1: Graphs" beginning on page 139 of your lab manual and ending on page 150. This is a relatively long exercise, be sure to follow the instructions in the workbook carefully. To start the exercise you will need to copy the file Gadgets.wb2 located in the directory t:\csci\lab10 to the QP directory on your floppy disk. Be sure to stop after step 13 on pg 150. Save the file, Gadgets.wb2, as instructed on your floppy disk in your QP directory.

Lab Section II

Work the exercise entitled, "Module 2: Conditional Functions" beginning on page 152 of your lab manual and ending on page 155. During this exercise, you will be asked to look at a file called Payroll.wb2; you will find this file in the directory: t:\csci\lab10. Read the material on pages 152 through 155 of your lab manual, stopping before the section entitled "Table Lookups". After you have read this material, do the first two steps in the Checkpoint exercise on pg 157 and save your work in a file called Chkpt1.wb2 in your QP directory on your floppy disk.

Lab Section III

Work modules 3A, 3B and 3C of the exercise entitled, "Module 3: Data Management":

Lab Sections IV and V

This material will be demonstrated in class; there are no assignments to be turned in that cover this material. By topic, the major objectives of these sections are as follows:

Opening and viewing multiple files
Copying, combining and linking data across files
Using multiple pages in a single file
Copying and linking data across pages of a single file