UNCA CSCI 107 Lab 8 -- Internet II

The network at UNCA

We'll begin this lab with a guided tour of some of UNCA's networking faciltiies.

Searching the net

Start out by reading the Handout on Indexes and Search Engines developed by Paula Davidson for her UNCA class Using the Internet which will be offered as CSCI 121 on Tuesday or Wednesday evening next Fall.

We'll be using Digital's Altavista search engine in this lab. If you'd like even more detailed information about this resouce check out Altavista's help pages for simple queries and advanced queries.

Your assignment

You'll perform three simple and three advanced searches using Altavista. Either write down your six search queries or email them to your lab instructor. By the way, if you use ALT-TAB and cut-and-paste between Netscape and bulldog telnet applications, you'll find it easy to email in your answers.

Here are your searches. Be sure not to use a search query that is too broad. For example, in the fourth search, you're looking for businesses in Canton, NC, not Canton, Ohio.

Num. Type Target
1 Simple University of Northern Colorado
2 Jokes about chickens
3 Festivals celebrating poultry
4 Advanced Businesses in Canton, North Carolina
5 Alcohol comsumption during pregnancy
6 Toy or model trains for children

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