UNCA CSCI 107 Lab 3 --- Graphics

In today's lab you will learn to work with two graphics programs: FreeHand 7.0 and xRes 3. You will use these programs to create a picture that you can display on the web page. You will use FreeHand to create a background graphics image. Then you'll use xRes to select a "real" object from a photographic image and place it on top of your background. You'll FTP this image to bulldog and place it within your home page.

With practice, you can become an expert at both FreeHand and xRes. However, don't expect fantastic results today. Don't spend hours fussing over your results during the lab. You can come back later and perfect your artwork.

Section 1: Creating Graphics in FreeHand

Use the Windows 95 Start button to begin FreeHand. You should find it in the Macromedia applications group. Close all sub-windows associated with the application, with the exception of the toolbox which cannot be resized or closed. Select New from the File menu, or File/New as we'll often say from here on, to open a new document. We will now create a graphical image while we learn to use some of the features offered in FreeHand.

The Toolbox

Drawing with the three objects

The Object Inspector

Objects with color

Combining Objects

Now we'll combine three objects to make a new object.

Blended objects

Xtra Tools

Completed drawing

Exporting a File


Section 2: Selecting a photographic image to place on your background.

You now need to find a JPEG image to use in Section 3. The image should contain one interesting object in front of a very plain background. We suggest you use one of the following two images.
Cute baby picture Cute dawg picture
However, if you wish you can quickly go out on the Internet and find another image using Netscape.

One you've located a page with a suitable image, move your mouse over the image and click on the right button. You should see a menu that contains the choice "Save Image As...". Click on this entry and save your image onto your diskette.

Section 3: Placing your image onto a background

It's easy to simply place an entire JPEG image on top of a background produced by FreeHand. However, that's rather boring. We're going to use xRes to select out an interesting part of a JPEG image and place that on the background!

Section 4: Onto the net

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