CSCI 107 Labs -- Spring 1998

This is the home page for all lab section of CSCI 107, Using Computers and Networks. The 107 lab sections are:

Section Time Instructor
107.0L1 M 12:15-2:15 Charles Massey
107.0L2 W 12:15-2:15 Charles Massey
107.0L3 T 3:15-5:15 Dean Brock
107.0L6 M 6:00-8:00 Rebecca Bruce

All 107 lab sections meet in Karpen 037.

Weekly Labs

The CSCI 107 labs will have the following fifteen weekly meetings. Note that the date listed for each week is the Monday of the week. Because two of the four labs cannot meet on the week of January 19, no labs will meet that week.

Week of Topic
January 12 Using Windows 95 and Sending email
January 26 Files and directories in Windows 95 and Unix
February 2 Graphics
February 9 Word Processing
February 23 Word Processing
March 2 Hardware with Mike Wilson
March 9 Internet I
March 23 Internet II
March 30 Spreadsheets
April 6 Spreadsheets
April 13 Presentations
April 20 Student Presentations
Introduction to Databases-Structure
April 27 Databases-Queries & Forms
May 4 Databases-Reports


Each weekly lab will have a 20-point in-class graded exercise Your 107 lab grade will be derived by dropping your lowest weekly grade and then by computing the average of your remaining fourteen labs. You may consider the dropped lab grade to be your one and only unexcused lab absense. There will be no make-up labs in CSCI 107.If you have a valid reason for missing a 107 lab, you need to meet with your lab instructor to discuss how you may replace the missed lab assignment.

CSCI 107 lectures

The instructors for the CSCI 107 lectures maintain pages for their own sections of the course. These contain additional information about the objectives for the course.

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