Syllabus for UNCA CSCI 107.001, Spring 1998

CSCI 107, Using Computers and Networks, is a broad survey of computation. There are two things you should learn in this course: (1), how computer do their work, and (2), how to make computers do your work. The course's lectures will provide a survey of computer architecture, programming, and networking and examine the societal effects of computers and networks. The formal labs develop skills in useful computer applications such as spread sheets, data bases, Internet browsers, and multimedia design tools. For information about the course lecture schedule consult the CSCI 107.001 Schedule page.

There is one textbook and two small lab books you'll use in the course. The textbook is Using Information Technology by Williams, Sawyer and Hutchinson and published by Irwin (0-256-20981-2). The lab books cover applications you'll use during the course. These are

Both of these books are published by Dryden. networking applications used in the course, you'll connect to the Internet and follow an on-line reading list.

Grading Policy

There will be two in-class exams and one final exam, given from 3:15 to 5:45 on Wednesday, 13 May. You will also receive a grade from your CSCI 107 lab section. Two different weightings will be used to calculate your final grade. I'll use whichever weighting give you the highest score. The two weightings are shown in the rightmost columns of the followeing table.

In-class exams 1/4 1/3
Final exam 1/4 1/3
Lab grade 1/2 1/3

Your final grade will be computed by dividing your accumulated points by the total number of possible points using the following scale:

93% to 100% A
84% to 92% B
75% to 83% C
65% to 74% D
0% to 64% F

107 lectures and labs

There is another CSCI 107 lecture section, CSCI 107.002, taught by Charles Massey. The schedule and grading policies of the two sections are closely co-ordinated. At times, the two instructors even "trade-off" lectures with each other.

You must be enrolled in one of the four CSCI 107 lab sections. There are also closely co-ordinated and share a common syllabus. Remember -- at least one-third of your grade is determined by your performance in the 107 lab.

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