CSCI 107 -- Quiz 1

February 11-12, 1998

This is a closed book exam. It must be turned in by 4:05 in the Monday-Wednesday section and by 10:15 in the Tuesday-Thursday section.


What is DOS an acronym for and what does it have to do with a computer system?

Match each unit of measure of the following

____ 8 bitsA. byte
____ One thousand bytesB. Gigabyte
____ One Million bytesC. Kilobyte
____ One Billion bytesD. Megabyte
____ One-millionth secondE. Terabyte
____ One-billionth secondF. Microsecond
G. Millisecond
H. Nanosecond

Place the letter before the column at the left that best matches an option in the column on the right

____ BitA. A microcomputer CPU chip
____ CPUB. a temporary (volatile) type of internal memory
____ FATC. A machine to send/receive scanned images electronically
____ DOSD. Millions of bytes
____ KBE. A computer interface that uses icons and windows
____ RAMF. a memory that cannot be changed by the user
____ ROMG. Thousands of bytes
____ ASCIIH. the operating system stored on a disk
____ BYTEI. a table that specifies where files are located on disk
____ FAXJ. the main processing part of a computer
____ MBK. a standard code that associates characters with numbers
____ CDL. an internal command to move to another directory
____ PentiumM. eight data bits
____ GUIN. a 1 or 0

Why is the Microsoft Corporation being sued by the US Government?

Briefly explain what a modem is used for.

Name one system software utility program and briefly describe what it does.

What is WYSIWYG and where is it used?

Place a T or F in the space to indicate True or False

Differentiate between the following five pairs of related terms