CSCI 107.001 -- Final Exam -- Spring 1998

Question 1. (26 points)

Choose thirteen (13) of the following fourteen acronyms and explain their function in computers or communication. The first thirteen that you answer will be graded. (2 points each)

Question 2. (5 points)

Name three types of computer crime or misuse that may occur in the workplace.

Question 3. (4 points)

There is a North Carolina connection to the early use of each of the following. What is it? Give some detail in your answer.

Question 4. (4 points)

Broadcasting football games is considered a challenge for compression based systems such as MPEG-2. Why do you think this is the case?

Question 5. (9 points)

Differentiate between the following three types of computer systems used in business. State the uses and the users of each of these systems within a corporation.

Question 6. (12 points)

How are each of the following used in the Access database management system?

Question 7. (12 points)

List some significant differences between the elements of the pairs

Question 8. (4 points)

Why is UNCA using fiber optic cable to connect buildings but using twisted pair cable to connect offices within buildings?

Question 9. (4 points)

What happens on an Ethernet when two computers try to transmit data at almost the same time?

Question 10. (10 points)

Suppose for your graduation present you were given enough money to buy a new computer system. List all the basic items normally included in a new system. If there are devices of different sizes, such as storage devices, be sure and specify an appropriate current size or capacity. List any peripherals that would be appropriate to your system. You will graded on your system completeness.

Question 11. (10 points)

For your new system described in the preceding question, list the software you would need and want. Include some utility programs and why you would include them.