24 March Lab in CSCI 274

Lab instructor

Because the usual CSCI 274 instructor is in the Garden State, this week's lab will be led by Susan Reiser, our graphics and internetworking guru.

Lab goals

In this lab you will produce a web-based documentation of the circuit you designed and implemented for Lab 3.

Starting off

Because the output of this lab must be public, you will not work inside your protected csci/274 directory. Instead use the following commands to create a world readable web page directory.

The index.html file that you copied into your directory is a skeleton (fill-in-the-blanks) home page for this assignment. The URL (Universal Resource Locator) for accessing your page is

where loginid is your login id on the Computer Science workstations. Go ahead and try to load that page. If you can't load it, ask Susan Reiser to give you some help. Don't worry if the initial page you load looks a little funny. You haven't filled in the blanks yet.

Modification I

Use pico to edit your index.html file and add some information about yourself and your project. Do this by modifying parts of the index.html file up to the HTML comment line

Modification II

GIF images of the circuits designed, using diglog, by the various teams are available through the following list.

Edit your file to include some documentation of your design and and picture of your design. First, use the Save As menu item to save the GIF image, retrieved from the above table, into your public_html/274lab. Once you've saved the file into your public_html/274lab directory, you should be able to see it from your web page by adding a line similar to

where savedfilename.gif is the name you used when you saved your file. At this time you should have modified your index.html up to the point where it has the line:

Modification III

Finally you will want to add some photographs to your home page. Go to the Pictures from Lab 3 page. This page is a collection of "thumbnails," reduced images of photographs taken during Lab 3 (or was it really Lab 5). When you see an interesting image, mash down to bring up a larger JPG picture. Save a couple of JPG images into your public_html/274lab directory.

Before actually including your selected images into your web page, you will want to crop the image and adjust the color. Susan Reiser will not show you have to use the program xv to do these tasks. It'll be fun.

Once you've gotten the images looking good, place lines similar to

into your index.html file for each of your images. Be sure to add some text into the file that describes the pictures. You might also want to relate the joy you felt at seeing your circuit work. When you're done, you'll be up to the line

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