27 January Lab for CSCI 274

Task 1 -- getting on-line

Log into one of the Unix workstations in Robinson 004 using your assigned user name. If this is a new account, change your password by typing the following command

The passwd command will prompt you for your present password and then ask you to type a new password twice.

Task 2 -- getting on the web

Connect to the World Wide Web by typing the command

(The & starts netscape in the background.) Connect to the CSCI 274 home page at http://www.cs.unca.edu/274/ by typing this URL in the box labeled Location. Now go up to the Bookmarks menu and add a reference to this URL into your personal bookmarks file.

Now follow the links into the Lab Projects page and from there into the page for the 27 January lab (this file).

Task 3 -- Creating directories for the lab

Type the command

which creates subdirectories csci, csci/274, and csci/274/lab01 underneath your home directory. Now execute

so that the that lab01 directory cannot be read (r) or searched (x, which really is an abbreviation for execute), by users in your group (g) or by all other (o) users. However using special privileged programs, any CSCI faculty member can read files without your csci directory.

Now connect to your personal lab directory by typing

Task 4 -- Enjoying diglog

Start the diglog circuit design and analysis program by typing

The chances are pretty good that diglog will start. Rather terse documentation for diglog can be found in the file /usr/local/lib/chipmunk/log.doc. People who have taken the time to read this file will know more about diglog than the CSCI 274 instructor.

Your task is to use diglog to "build" the majority circuit show below
majority circuit
The circuit elements on the left are input switches. Red is logical 1, and black is logical 0. Press the switch to change its state. The circuit element on the right is an LED. Of course, you recognize the AND and OR gates in the middle.

You instructor will give you an in-lab seminar about how to draw the circuit. It won't be easy. Once you are done, save the circuit by pressing the Misc and then Save page labels in diglog.

If you wish, you may use NAND gates instead of the AND and OR gates. You'll get the same result.

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