Homework #3

Due 21 March, 1997, 4:15 PM

Problem 1 and only

Getting ready

Create a protected directory ~/csci/274/home03 to contain your solution to this problem:

The work

Design a sequential circuit with one bit-stream input and one bit-stream output. Your circuit should produce a 1 when the last four input bits are either 1001 or 1111. Leave the following files within your home03 directory:

By the way

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to ask the instructor to look at your state table and espressoinput a few days before this assignment is due.
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file name contents
statetab.txt An ASCII representation of the state table
and state assignments used in your solution
combofun.in The espresso input for your
problem's combinatorial circuit
combofun.out The espresso output
seqmach.lgf The diglog file that contains your design