Turning in Assignments

This memo describes the protocol for turning in programming assignments, and other assignments where the result is stored on the computer, in CSCI 241.

First, create a subdirectory called csci within your home directory.

Next, create a subdirectory 241 of the csci directory. Protect this subdirectory so that only you can read the files within it.

For each assignment, create a new subdirectory of csci/241 called homen. For example, do the following before working on homework number 4.

Every homework directory created for a programming assignment must contain a Makefile such that "make clean" will remove all compiled object files and executibles and "make all" will recompile and relink your code.

All COBOL programs completed for this class should contain a PROGRAM-ID field which identifies the assignment and an AUTHOR which identifies you, such as


An example Makefile satisfying these requirements is shown below

all:    home4

home4:  home4.cob
        cobol -o home4 home4.cob

        rm home4

By the way

Programs are available to all Computer Science faculty that allow them to copy any files that are readable by you and stored under your csci directory.

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