Homework #1

Due 30 January, 1997, 6:00 PM

Getting ready

First, start out by creating for yourself a protected directory called ~/csci/241/home1 as described in the on-line handout Turning in Assignments.

Now copy a program sample.cob, a data file SAMPLE.IN, and a Makefile into your directory by executing the following commands:

Notice that the last command ends with a single period!

You can compile sample.cob by typing

and you can run it by typing

The output of the program will be written to the file SAMPLE.OUT.

The assignment

Your assignment is to modify sample.cob and create a new COBOL program called home1.cob that reads a modified input record format in which computer and company names are 15, rather than 10, characters long. Your new program should read from the file HOME1.IN and write to the file HOME1.OUT. Your compiled and linked program should be stored in the file home1.

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