CSCI 373 -- Quiz 3

In this quiz, you'll be writing a Perl program to process a file of bowling scores in the following format:

Dean 150
John 200
Dean 100
Mary  50
Janice 300
Janice 100

We'll start by giving you a program that computes the number of times each person has bowled a game. The program is:

#! /usr/local/bin/perl
while ($line=<>)
   chop($line) ;
   @words=split(/\s+/, $line) ;
   ++$numgames{$words[0]} ;
foreach $name (sort(keys(%numgames)))
   printf ("%-8s bowled %2d games\n", $name, $numgames{$name}) ;

The output of the program, when run using the bowling score input file, is:

Dean     bowled  2 games
Janice   bowled  2 games
John     bowled  1 games
Mary     bowled  1 games

At last, the problem

Now, Make a simple modification of th program: Make the program print out the average score. Your output should look something like:

Dean     averages 125 points
Janice   averages 200 points
John     averages 200 points
Mary     averages  50 points

By the way, you really don't have to change much.