System administration

This assignment is due 29 April, 1996, at 6:00 pm.

Managing user files

When the Computer Center installs the new Unix "box" next year, how should the CSCI 173 students move all their files to this new system?

Dumping and restoring file system

Describe how you could make a complete backup on Monday and then, on Wednesday, back up all files changed since Monday.

User information

What is your entry in the Unix passwd file? If you changed your name, what information in your password entry would need to be changed?

Managing process

Show how you can use the ps command to find all the processes being run by a specific user.

Monitoring the file system

Show the free space on your Unix system. Which file system has the most free space?

Finding printers

What printers are available on your system? What file contains this information?

IP management

What is the hostname, domainname, and IP number of the machine you are using? Is your IP number class A, B, or C?

Network management tools

Use each of the following tools for some interesting task

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