Final exam -- Closed book section

8 May, 1996

The entire exam is to be turned in at 2:45 PM. Work the closed book section first and turn it in before you consult your books and notes to work on the open book section.

Problem 1. (15 points)

Give short definitions (one or two sentence) of ten of the following eleven terms. I'll grade the first ten that you answer.

Problem 2. (5 points)

What do three of the following five acronyms stand for? Again, the first three you answer will be graded.

Problem 3. (4 points)

How are the following numbers represented in ten-bit two's complement?

Problem 4. (6 points)

Perform the following two computations in binary arithmetic.

Problem 5. (5 points)

Under what circumstances would you expect Booth's multiplication algorithm to be faster than the "conventional" algorithm?

Problem 6. (6 points)

Name three significant differences between micro-controllers, such as the Microchip PIC processor that was the subject of several homework assignments, and microprocessors, such as those made by Intel and Motorola.

Problem 7. (3 points)

If a computer has 47 different opcodes, how many bits are needed to encode the opcode field?

Problem 8. (3 points)

If a chip label says "2M×32 RAM" how many address bits does the chip have?

Problem 9. (3 points)

If 20,000 transistors are required to implement a 32×32 bit gate array multiplier, about how many transistors are needed to implement a 64×64 bit gate array multiplier?

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