Midterm 1 -- Closed book section

26 February, 1996

The entire exam is to be turned in at 1:05 PM. Work the closed book section first and turn it in before you consult your books and notes to work on the open book section.

Problem 1. (18 points)

Give short definitions of the following four related terms and describe how each is used in a modern stack-based computer.

Problem 2. (6 points)

What are six typical arithmetic or logical instructions found in modern microprocessors?

Problem 3. (6 points)

Why does a computer need a "supervisor" mode?

Problem 4. (6 points)

What are status codes and how are they used in computers?

Problem 5. (6 points)

If a computer has 27 different opcodes, how many bits are needed to encode the opcode field.

Problem 6. (18 points)

What is the difference between indirect, indexed, and immediate addressing modes. Describe how each is each useful in executing C and/or Pascal programs.

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