Homeworks #1 and #2

Homework #1 -- due 9 February, 1995

Do the following problems from Chapter 8 (pp. 291-293) of the textbook.

Homework #2 -- due 16 February, 1994

Take the following C routine that finds the largest element in an array:

int findit(int U[], int size)
   int max ;

   max = U[1] ;
   for (i=2; j<size; ++j)
      if (U[j] > max)
         max = U[j] ;
   return(max) ;

  } ;

and compile it on two of the three workstation architectures, MIPS, Alpha AXP, and SPARC, found in 004 to generate two different assembly language programs corresponding to this C routine. (If you don't know how to do this read the man page.)

Now take your two different assembly language programs and mark them up to show how the assembly language programs really implement the C routine.

Turn in your marked up programs.

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