Final Exam -- Closed book section

8 May, 1995

Choose the most appropriate phrase for terminating each sentence. Circle your choice. There are twenty multiple-choice questions. Each question counts 1.5 points.

One statement of DeMorgan's theorem is

One law of associativity for Boolean algebra states that

Assembly language statements look something like

Sigma (1, 3, 4) is an example of a Boolean function specified with

The full adder has

Circuits whose outputs are determined solely by their present inputs are called

VLSI is an abbreviation for

A 8-to-1 line multiplexer has

The third state of a three-state (or TRI-state) bus is called the

The part of a machine instruction that specifies which operation should be performed is commonly called the

Flip-flops that change states on the start or end of a clock pulse are called

The number of different values that can be stored in an eight-bit register is

When people are talking about computers, 1k usually means

The number of RTL statements used to specify the basic computer of the textbook was approximately.

Usually, the first phase of a machine's instruction cycle is the

On a modern micro-processor the number of phases required to execute an addition instruction is about

The microcode of a computer is usually stored in the

Before the code you write is executed on the computer, it is translated into

The program you used to simulate circuits in some homework assignments was called

Problem 1. (3 points)

What is the result of performing the following three shift operations on an eight-bit register containing the value 10101011?

Problem 2. (2 points)

Draw the truth table for an AND gate.

Problem 3. (2 points)

How is the decimal number 26 represented as a binary number?

Problem 4. (2 points)

How is the number -18 represented as a eight-bit twos-complement binary number?

Problem 5. (3 points)

What is the meaning of the following RTL statement:

Problem 6. (2 points)

What decimal number corresponds to the binary point number 110.1?

Problem 7. (3 points)

Describe how a skip instruction, such as SPA for "skip if accumulator positive", can be used to implement the following C if-then statement

if (c<0)
  c = 0 ;

There is absolutely no need to write any code. You can give your answer in English.

Problem 8. (3 points)

Draw the graphical representation for the following three gates.

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