Quiz 2 -- 10 April, 1995

This is an open book, open notes exam; however, the use of calculators is forbidden. The exam is to be turned in by 8:30 PM.

Problem 1. (15 points)

Show how to construct a 4×16 decoder out of five 2×4 decoders with enable inputs.

Problem 2. (8 points)

How many address lines and data lines are needed for a 4M × 8 memory?

Problem 3. (8 points)

Convert the decimal number 185 into a binary number.

Problem 4. (8 points)

Convert the binary number 100011101 into a decimal number.

Problem 5. (8 points)

Convert -254 into a ten-bit two's complement binary number.

Problem 6. (10 points)

Convert the decimal number 47.375 into a floating point number with one sign bit, an eight-bit exponent expressed using excess-127 notation, and a 23-bit mantissa.

Problem 7. (8 points)

Represent the following Pascal statement in register transfer language:

          IF (NOT Q) THEN S := T
          ELSE IF (NOT P) THEN S := T+1

Problem 8. (10 points)

If registers S and T have the following values:

what are their values after each of the following RTL statements are performed

where shr is logical shift right.

Problem 9. (15 points)

Show the hardware needed to implement the following RTL statements for eight-bit registers S and T:

You may use eight-bit adders, eight-bit multiplexers, eight-bit registers and assorted logic gates in your solution.

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