Final exam -- Closed book section

10 May, 1994

The entire exam is to be turned in at 4:10 PM. Work the closed book section first and turn it in before you consult your books and notes to work on the open book section. The use of calculators is forbidden during the closed book section of the exam.

Problem 6. (15 points)

Write a sentence or two explaining the significant differences between each of the following related terms?

Problem 2. (3 points)

Convert the number -173 into a ten-bit two's complement binary number.

Problem 3. (3 points)

Convert the ten-bit two's complement number 1101110111 into a decimal number.

Problem 4. (5 points)

When Becky Elkin says that a "strict set of standards" are one of the reasons for the successes of the Macintosh, what is she talking about?

Problem 5. (3 points)

Name two reasons why an instruction pipeline might stall.

Problem 6. (20 points)

Choose the most appropriate phrase for terminating each sentence. Circle your choice. Each question is worth two points.

The price of a 1 Gigabyte of disk storage is about

The seek time of recent disks is about

The access time of most computer memory is about

ASIC stands for

The I/O bus inside a DECstation 5000/25 is called a

An Intel 80x86 processor is a

An FSP-164 array processor is a

The micro-computer used in the first Macintosh was

The networking standard used in the Macintosh is

On IBM mainframes, channels are

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