Midterm #2 -- closed book section

12 April, 1994

The entire exam is to be turned in at 2:55 PM. Work the closed book section first and turn it in before you consult your books and notes to work on the open book section.

Problem 1. (6 points)

If the binary representation for 165 is 10100101 and the binary representation for 1994 is 11111001010, what is the twelve-bit signed-2's complement binary representation of -165 and -1994?

Problem 2. (6 points)

How is overflow detected when two signed-2's complement numbers are added?

Problem 3. (12 points)

In a paragraph or two, describe how a DMA controller oversees the transfer of data from an I/O device to memory.

Problem 4. (6 points)

Would you expect the first bit of the exponent field of the floating point number representing 1994 to be zero or one in a processor, such as the Alpha AXP or the MIPS R3000, that uses biased exponents. Explain your answer.