Homework #6 and a couple of announcements

Homework #6 -- due 12 April, 1994

First, do the following problems from Chapter 11 of the textbook (pp. 439-442).

Refer to the handout describing the PMAD Module. What "memory" locations must be read and written to determine if a collision error has occurred.

Draw a diagram, similar to Figure 11-7, but much longer to show the values used to transmit the first four characters of your last name on a 2400 baud modem using seven bit transmission with odd parity and 1.5 stop bits.

Midterm #2 announcement

The next midterm will be Tuesday, 12 April.


All CSCI 320 handout are now being kept on UNCA's ``World Wide Web'' hypertext system. To access CSCI 320 handouts, start up the Mosaic program and connect to the URL called http://www.cs.unca.edu/~brock/classes/Spring1994/320/

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