Quiz #4

26 April, 1994

This is an open books, open notes exam to be turned in by 8:30 PM. When possible write your answers on the exam. You will need your own paper for some answers.

Problem 1. (20 points)

Using the assembly language of the textbook, write a program that executes the following Pascal code:

Problem 2. (10 points)

List the hexadecimal machine code for the following assembly language program:

          ORG  100
          STA  X
          LDA  I
     SLZ  ADD  MIN5
          BUN  SLZ
     X    HEX  156
     I    HEX  4000
     MIN5 DEC  -5

Problem 3. (10 points)

Give the nine-bit microoperation field required to execute the following concurrent RTL statements using the microinstructions illustrated in Table 7-1 on page 224 of the textbook. Give your answer as both the symbolic microoperation and the nine bit field.

          AC   0, DR   AC

Problem 4. (10 points)

If the program counter is 700, memory location 700 contains the word 2300 (STORE 300) and the accumulator contains 500, what microoperations are executed when the microprogram of Table 7-2 (page 228) executes its next instruction?

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