Fall 2017 CSCI 235 Lecture Schedule

The class lecture will meet on Tuesday from 5:15 PM to 6:55 PM.

At the first of the semester there will be a lot of blank entries in this schedule. As the semester progresses, they will be filled in. We will try to cover up to Section 4.2 of the textbook.

Lecture schedule

Date Topic
22 Aug Course at UNC Asheville, Overview at CMU (pp 4–17) & CMU 15-215 lectures
29 Aug C for Java Programmers or Read: C/C++ vs. Java or take the Lynda course
C vs Java & Pointers in C & C preprocessor
Logic operators in JavaScript: nodejs or REPL (or gdb for C)
tar file for array example and linked list example
5 Sept
12 Sept Read sections 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 and view before class CMU 15-215 Bits, Bytes, and Integers 1 and Bits, Bytes, and Integers 2
CSCI 255 data representation spreadsheet
Guiding examples for 12 September
19 Sept
26 Sept Read Section 2.4 and view before class CMU 15-215 Floating point (slides)
CSCI 255 data representation spreadsheet
3 Oct Checking errors
An Introduction to the C Programming Language and Software Design
Input and Output (Chapter 13), C Preprocessor (Chapter 10), Pointers (Chapter 7), Bitwise Operations (Chapter 12)
17 Oct the ultimate list of topics (hopefully) and Quiz on data representation
24 Oct Musing about the next homework
Chapter 5 — Optimizing performance
31 Oct Translating C to C: Control Structures
Chapter 5 — The memory hierachy
7 Nov buffering and expected access time
Chapter 6 — The memory hierachy, Chapter 6 — Cache memories
14 Nov Chapter 9 — Virtual Memory: Concepts (pp 3, 5–6, 11–17, 22–24, 26, 31) Chapter 9 — Virtual Memory: Systems (pp 4–5, 17–21, 31–33)
a few notes
21 Nov Review sesssion at 20 November lab session in place of Tuesday evening meeting.
Notes for the exam review.
28 Nov Pre-Final exam
5 Dec Undergraduate Research Symposium
“no regularly scheduled classes”
12 Dec
3:00 — 5:30
Final Exam