CSCI 235 — The Shell

Secure Shell (and copy)

The secure part

Try to connect to a computer at UNCA.


To enable ssh and sftp login without password, use the following commands. You can read the answer to this ubuntu answer for more information. You should also do this your Windows (ugh) computer following the instructions for PuTTYgen. By the way, many web services, such as Google Cloud Platform, mandate the use of password-less ssh-based login.


What is bash?

What are we going to do?

Do one of the following.

Alternative One

Start by taking a look at the on-line outline of the Introduction to UNIX Course from the Department of Computing at Imperial College. Pay attention to the following sections. If following the examples, do not attempt to access the /home directory.

Now do the following activities.

Alternative Two

If you took the System Administration course last year, you can help other students complete this lab.