Fall 2017 CSCI 235 Paging

This assignment is due in-class on 5 December or, if we are not meeting on Undergraduate Research Symposium day, upload to Homework Paging on moodle by 6:55 PM on 5 December.

You should review all those Chapter 9 notes before attempting this. I am not expecting a precise answer.

A real-life problem

A friend comes up and shows you a copy of Figure 9.22 page 826 of the textbook (also on slide 18 of the CMU 15-213 notes) and asks you what happens when their program tries to access the integer variable w stored at memory location 0x00007FFF893D8C40. Using the figure, write an explanation of how the i7 uses the address 0x00007FFF893D8C40 to find w.

Don’t get into a lot of detail. Your friend is in their first programming course.