Boolean Miscellany

Common styles for Boolean expressions

  Java/C Python logicians set theorists engineers
true true True T U 1
false false False F 0
AND A & B A and B AB AB A B
OR A | B A or B AB AB A + B
NOT A ! A not A ¬ A AC A or A

Generalized Boolean Algebra

Boolean algebras do not have to be restricted to true and false. Take a look at the Boolean Algebra article on Wolfram MathWorld for more information.

Claude Shannon

In his 1940 Master’s thesis, Claude Shannon showed that Boolean Algebra could be used to analyse digital logic (or switching circuits as they were caused than).

His 1948 paper, A Mathematical Theory of Communication, effectively founded the field of Information Theory.

New Yorker published a (biography of Shannon on his 1100100’th birthday) He also invented the ultimate machine!

Other references

Chapter 7 of Part IV of Lessons in Digital Circuits at All about circuits contains detailed information of transformations between logic circuits, Boolean expressions, and truth tables. There are also a great number of YouTube videos on this table.

Also, try it out at with an exam from Fall 2012.