Fall 2016 CSCI 255 Lab Schedule

Labs meet on Wednesdays. CSCI 255.0L1 runs from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. CSCI 255.0L2 runs from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. The labs are pretty full. You must go to the right lab!

Date Topic
24 Aug Programming expectations (60 minutes) & Bits in C and Java (up to 90 minutes)
31 Aug Introducing Logisim
7 Sep Logisim with modules & Flip-Flops and Modules of Truth
14 Sep Implementing an FSM
21 Sep Verilog design tools
28 Sep Improvised introduction to Arduino
5 Oct Bit banging with structures and pointers
12 Oct Gates with an Arduino (skip to the blinking part) and Processing with an Arduino
19 Oct Introduction to MIPS32 Assembly
Arrays with MIPS32 Assembly
26 Oct
2 Nov Arrays and functions with MIPS32 Assembly
9 Nov Pin I/O on the PIC32
16 Nov Making connections: build a computer on a breadboard & add a voltage regulator
30 Nov Raspberry Pi and I2C