Fall 2016 CSCI 255 Homework 10

This assignment is due in-class or may be submitted to Homework 10 on moodle by 5:10 PM on 1 December.

You should read sections 8.3 and 8.4 of the textbook before doing this assignment.

Problem 1

The Intel 486DX was a 32-bit computer introduced in 1989. The 486DX had a 4-way set associative 8k (8192) byte cache and each block (line, in Intel parlance) of the cache was 16 bytes. If you prefer the textbook’s word oriented terminology: The 486DX had a 2k word cache with blocks of 4 words where each word is 4 bytes.

Now answer some subquestions

Subproblem 1A

How many blocks (or lines) did the 486DX cache have?

Subproblem 1B

How many sets (or rows) did the 486DX cache have? (It is a tad confusing that rows and lines have different meanings.)

Subproblem 1C

The 32-bit address is divided into three fields: tag, index, and offset. How many bits are each allocated in each of these fields?

Subproblem 1D

What are the tag, index, and offset fields of the address 0xE1E1E1E0?

Subproblem 1E

Illustrate the entire cache structure with a drawing.

Problem 2

Do Exercise 8.20 of the textbook.