Fall 2016 CSCI 255 Homework 6

This assignment must be be uploaded in a text or PDF file to Homework 6 on moodle by 11:00 PM on 15 October.

Problem 1 and only

Following the rules of the Translating C to C: Control Structures lecture, rewrite a section of properly structured C code into C code that only uses two control structures:

Also, do not use the ?: operator of C and Java to simulate an if then else. This specifically means that you can’t use the for, while, switch, or even the statement block delimiters { and }. You can use the if, but if must be followed by a goto statement as shown above.

Here is the C code to translate.

pairCount = 0 ;
oddCount = 0 ;
for (i=0; i<size; i=i+1) {
  if (V[i] == V[i+1]) {
    pairCount = pairCount + 1;
  } else if (V[i] & 1) {
    oddCount = oddCount + 1;