Fall 2016 CSCI 255 Homework 3

This assignment is due in class on 13 September. or may be uploaded to Homework 3 on moodle by 5:10 PM on 15 September.

The problems

  1. Convert 10010011110010112 to hexadecimal. (Similar to Problem 1.16 of the textbook.)
  2. Convert E07F16 to decimal. (Similar to Problem 1.20 of the textbook.)
  3. Convert the five characters of the string Lo0k# into its binary ASCII encoding. By the way, the third character is a zero. Express your answer in hexadecimal
  4. Convert the five characters of the string L©€🐱# in UTF-8 using the character’s Unicode encdoing. By the way, the HTML numeric character reference encoding of that string is L©€🐱# in hexadecimal L©€🐱# in decimal. Express your answer in hexadecimal.
  5. Problem 1.88 on page 50 of the textbook — This one will be challenging.
  6. Using a K-map, obtain a simplies Boolean expression for the Boolean function Σ(3,4,6,7). (Similar to Problem 2.14 of the textbook.)
  7. Problem 2.40 on page 103 of the textbook