Figure out your schedule!

Read the following!

Trying the transfer and a little acceleration

Transfer via ssh

See if you can connect to the instructor’s computer.
    ssh burningtown
Let’s look at the first part of SSH/OpenSSH/Keys and then examine your .ssh directory for keys.

Also, try to view the SSL certificates for you browser. You may need to Google for this.

Transfer to the cloud

Follow the instructions in the Transferring files to Linux instances tutorial. Even if your personal computer is a Windows of Mac, your Google instance is running Linux. It should work for just about everything.

This may be a frustrating experience.

An accelerating experience with Pi

Try logging into one of the three Pi’s with a Sense HAT. The login account is csci178. The password is still a secret. I suggest first using ssh-copy-id to authorize your login and then using ssh to connect without a password.

Yet another computer language

Your assignment is to learn a little Python. Either try out chapters 2, 3, and 9 of Python for Kids, available on-line from UNC Asheville library or Getting Started with the Sense Hat (also for kids but you will have to play well others because there are only three Sense Hats) or the on-line Sense HAT or Lynda’s Up and Running with Python. or the official Python tutorial.

Let’s take a quick look at the following: