30 Aug & 1 Sept — More electricity

Reading assignment for Thursday

Read (quickly) the first seven chapters of Electronics for Dummies by Cathleen Shamieh. This is available on-line from the UNC Asheville library.


You really don’t have to use a breadboard for any of these. The key is using internal pullups.

The ultimate useless machine

In 1952, Marvin Minsky (New York Times obituary) proposed the ultimate machine. Some have called this the useless machine.

One of the first ultimate machine implementations was made by the amazing Claude Shannon his 1100100’th birthday) and still works! Modern useless machines even use Arduino boards to be a tad more sopthisticated.

Some good electronics tutorials

Playing music

OK. I know you want to play a song. Load up the PlayMelody tutorial and listen. However, there are a lot of new Arduino (ok, really C) features in there so we’ll have to look at them.

Some good Arduino tutorials