CSCI 178 HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery Project


Add some JavaScript to the ugly page your wrote for the HTML/CSS Project.

Due dates

This assignment should be completed by October 31 and downloaded to Moodle at HTML/CSS/JavaScript Project.

Your HTML, CSS and JavaScript should be in three separate files! Your CSS file should be the same file as the CSS you turned in for HTML/CSS Project. Your HTML file should be almost the same file as the HTML you turned in for HTML/CSS Project. The only difference should be the addition of id attributes to a few tags. The JavaScript file should be new.

It is strongly recommended that you use jQuery in this project.

The assignment

Do all of the following at least once. (Many of these will be combined into one action.)

Tell me what you did!

Because it will be hard for anyone to figure out the glorious things your JavaScript is doing, include a paragraph in your HTML that explains how to find the magic.