CSCI 178 Ugly HTML/CSS Project


Create an ugly web page using HTML and CSS.

Due dates

This assignment should be completed by Friday, October 7, at 11:00 PM and uploaded as a ZIP file to the Ugly HTML/CSS Project on moodle.

Your HTML and CSS should be in separate files but compress your project into one ZIP file.

The assignment

Write a web page and associated CSS page. The web page should contain a table with three columns and three rows, a bit like the following, but with much more text. (You might just start with a cut-and-paste of the table.)

Data North West Data North Center Data North East
Data Center West Data Center Center Data Center East
Data South West Data South Center Data South East


The nine entries of your table must be rendered in all sorts of ridiculous manners using CSS such as:

All nine cells of the table should be formatted differently. There should also be some variance in the style of the border.

You may use the same text in each column. I suggest using a couple of sentences, so we have enough text to show off your handiwork.

Read the W3CSchools’ tutorial for examples.