Fall 2014 CSCI 255 Lecture Schedule

If you would like to see some of at the lectures and notes that the textbook authors used in Mississippi State, visit the ECE 3724 video lecture page.

At the first of the semester there will be a lot of blank entries in this schedule. As the semester progresses, they will be filled in. However, the planned topics page for this course contains a listing of the topics that will be covered during the semester.

Date Topic
Aug 18 Introduction, Programming expectations, & Positive binary numbers (pp. 4-8)
Aug 20 Negative binary numbers and arithmetic operations (pp. 4-8, 140-145)
Aug 25 Logic Design
Aug 27 Implementation and Opitimization, float and char, MUX & ALU
Sept 1 Design of Finite State Machines & Implementation of flipflops
Sept 3
Sept 8 Useful modules & Memories
Sept 10 data path examples of Multiplication & Best of n, MSU ECE 3724 chapter 2 implemented as FSM (Rebecca Bruce version) & computer
Sept 15 Upcoming exam 1, homework review and getting ready for MIPS
Sept 17 Exam 1
Sept 22 Programming the MIPS32 in assembly and machine language — expression evaluation
Sept 24
Sept 29 Programming the MIPS32 in assembly and machine language — control structures
Oct 1 Programming the MIPS32 in assembly and machine language — instruction encoding
Oct 8 Homework 5a serious tester & a System Verilog implementation and pointers & arrays (Chapter 6)
Oct 13 pointers & arrays
Oct 15 multi-dimensional arrays, odd stuff in C, linked lists in C
Oct 20 functions
Oct 22 Chapter 8 and a little about the next lab
Oct 27
Oct 29 stdint.h & Chapter 9
Nov 3 I2C (Chapter 10)
Nov 5 Exam 2 preview
Nov 10 Exam 2
Nov 12 Exam 2, Interrupts, UART and I2C & Remaining homework
Nov 17 I2C bus specification & Analog
Nov 19 the harder topics & class drama & final exam review
Nov 24
Dec 8 Final Exam from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM