Fall 2014 CSCI 255 Homework 7

This assignment is due in class on 20 October or may be uploaded to Homework 7 on moodle by 2:00 PM on 20 October.

Use the class MIPS32 instruction sheet as your MIPS reference.

Be a human assembler

Translate the following five MIPS instructions into their binary encoding. That’s 160 bits!

            lw         $t0,vSize 
            sw         $t2,0($t1)
            add        $t2,$t2,$t3
            addi       $t0,$t0,-1
            bne        $t0,$0,initloop

Assume that vSize is located at an offset of 420 bytes from the global pointer, $gp. You can figure out the 32 bits for the bne without knowing the exact location of initloop.

The code does nothing useful, so don’t try to figure it out.

Be a human disassembler

Write MIPS assembly language instructions corresponding to the following four 32-bit machine language instructions which has been expressed in hexadecimal.