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A Review of the 2013 IEEE SoutheastCon Hardware Competition

The UNC Asheville and Western Carolina University
 Student Competition Teams

Everyone is invited


Thursday, October 17, 2013
5:30 PM, Dinner in PD 100 & 200
7:00 PM, Program in Robinson 125 (RRO 125)
University of North Carolina Asheville



Student teams from both Western Carolina University and UNC Asheville participated in the 2013 IEEE SoutheastCon Hardware Competition.  Both teams made it to the finals with scores in the top 10 percent from a field of over 50 competitors.

The objective of the competition was to simulate the sorting of containers at a shipping port.

 To accomplish this, different colored and sized blocks were picked up and sorted for shipment by either land, rail or sea.

Members of the student teams will present their competition bots and discuss their experiences at the competition. 

These autonomous robots are exciting and loads of fun to watch.

That coupled with the how they designed them is a terrific experience.

Bring your youngsters and let them get a taste of how exciting and creative Engineering can be.


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