Fall 2013 CSCI 202 Schedule

At the first of the semester there will be a lot of blank entries in this schedule. As the semester progresses, they will be filled in. However, the planned topics page for this course contains a listing of the topics that will be covered during the semester.

Lecture notes for the textbook are available through the textbook’s companion site. On account of copyright issues, I am not going to “publish” these notes on the class web site site. However, I will sometimes use them in class because the illustrations are really well done. I suggest you obtain copies of these lecture notes from the companion site or a friend.

Date Topic
Aug 20 Administration, Processing and Java, pre-202 (in particular, chapters 2 and 3, see the Point1080 class)
Aug 22 Lab 1: blackjack
Aug 27 ArrayList, wrapper classes and auto-boxing with an array review (Chap. 7)
Aug 29 Lab 2: The ArrayList
Sept 3 Java I/O (Chap. 11)
Sept 5 Lab 3: File I/O and Scanner
Sept 10 Lab 4: Exceptions
Sept 12 Lab 5 & Chapter 8
Sept 17 Finishing Lab 5 & Lab 6: a look at finite state machines
Sept 19 Lab 7: Unit testing and JUnit
Sept 24 Notes on inheritance & Lab 8 on inheritance (Chapter 9)
Sept 26 Review for first exam
Oct 1 early exam & IDE practical
Oct 3 Something to do before the break
Oct 10 Implementing an Iterator<int[]> and an Iterable<int[]>
Oct 15 Object oriented programming alphabetic soup: CRC, UML & MVC and Three Amigos & Gang of Four
Oct 17 A mathematical look at recursion
Oct 22 More recursion
Oct 24 Recursion vs Iteration
Oct 29 Processing with objects
Oct 31 Getting reading for the next homework
Nov 5 Sorts and algorithm analysis
Nov 7 Review for middle exam
Nov 12 Second exam
Nov 14 Java Collection Foundation
Nov 19 Hashing
Nov 21
Nov 26 Review for final exam
Dec 5 Final Exam from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM