Recusion vs Interation: Linked lists

We are going to continue to look at the linked list example. You should be able to continue from the last lab.

Incrementing the number

Try to write a method to add 1 to the a digit list using both recursion and iteration.

    static DigitNode plusplusNumber(DigitNode d) 

Adding numbers

Continue on the problem of adding number. This one is tricky because the numbers may not be the same length.

    static DigitNode addNumbers(DigitNode a, DigitNode b) 

Testing it out

This is the program I used to test my results.

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        DigitNode listNum = createLSBFirst(1123979876876124L) ;
        DigitNode incNum = createLSBFirst(12345678999999L) ;
        DigitNode nineNum = createLSBFirst(9) ;
        DigitNode nineninesNum = createLSBFirst(999999999) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(listNum)) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumber(listNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumberIter(listNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(incNum)) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumber(incNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumberIter(incNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(nineNum)) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumber(nineNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumberIter(nineNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(nineninesNum)) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumber(nineninesNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(plusplusNumberIter(nineninesNum))) ;
        System.out.println(printNumber(addNumber(nineNum, nineninesNum))) ;