CSCI 202 in-class lab 1

Fall 2013 CSCI 202 in-class lab 1

In the Spring 2013 semester, the instructors of CSCI 181 and 182 created a programming task to define the finish line for the introductory programming courses and a starting point for CSCI 202. That term students in both CSCI 181 and 182 were assigned this programming task, the implementation of a blackjack game.

This term, CSCI 202 standard will be asked to work on the blackjack game in the first formal lab and make an additional modification for the first programming assignment.

We know that some students in last semester’s 181 and 182 will already have an implementation of the blackjack game. However, we suggest that they start from scratch.

The description of the programming task can be viewed at the CSCI 181/182/202 Blackjack page.

When the task is completed the result, a single Java class file called, should be uploaded to the Lab 1 moodle page. If you load whatever you have written by 4:00 PM, will be given full credit for this lab.