Fall 2013 CSCI 202 Homework 3

This assignment must be completed by 9:00 AM on Saturday, 7 September and uploaded to the Homework 3 moodle page. You should upload both the Home03.java and Frequency.java files.


The purpose of this assignment is to be sure that you can create classes with the right name and in the edu.unca.cs.csci202 package and with a proper @author annotation and upload them to moodle. That’s all.

It’s an easy 20 points.

The task

Create a project, a Java application, where the main class is called Home03 and a second class is called Frequency. Both packages should be in the edu.unca.cs.csci202 package.

The complete body for the main method of Home03 is given below.

        Frequency red = new Frequency() ;
        red.setFrequency(430e12) ;
        System.out.println(red.getFrequency()) ;

The complete body for the Frequency class, with instance variable, constructor and methods is:

    private double frequency ;
    public Frequency() {
        this.frequency = 2.4e9 ;   // 2.4 Ghz
    public double getFrequency() {
        return frequency ;
    public void setFrequency(double frequency) {
        this.frequency = frequency ;

Both of your classes must have an @author that gives your name and your unca.edu email address. Review Lab 2 to see the easy way to do this every time.