Fall 2013 CSCI 202 Homework 1

This assignment must be completed by 1:30 PM on Thursday, 22 August.

The tasks

You have two tasks to perform for this homework. If you have trouble doing these, email your instructor or talk to an experienced CSCI student.

Task 1 — Logging in

First, log into the one of the workstations located in Robinson 223, the room where CSCI 255 labs will held.

You will need a userid and a password to log in. Your instructor may provide you with this information, or you can consult the UNCA CSCI Userid and Password page.

Task 2 — Running NetBeans

Start the NetBeans IDE. These can be done using the Applications button in the upper-left corner of the screen after you have logged in. Just go through the following menu selections ApplicationsCSCI @ UNCANetBeans IDE 7.3.1

It may take a while for NetBeans to start the first time you use it, because several files must be created on the Computer Science file server which is connected to RRO 223 through a rather small pipe. Be patient.

Now run a Java program by completing the NetBeans IDE Java Quick Start Tutorial. However, use the default project location suggested by NetBeans rather than the Windows-specific path shown in the tutorial.

A word about the lab

It is your responsibility to have logged in and used NetBeans before the start of the first lab. Do not expect the entire lab to wait for you to complete these steps. You’ll just have to catch up as best you can.

If you plan on using your own computer in lab, be sure you have NetBeans working on your machine before coming to lab. Lab time is not the place for system administration tasks.