Final Exam Review

The final exam and will be given from 3:00 until 5:30 on Thursday, December 5 in RRO 217. This is the scheduled exam time for the 3:10-4:25 TR slot. Since our class meeting time covers part of this slot, this time will be OK for everyone

Covered topics

This is a comprehensive exam, so you need to be familiar with the material covered in the first exam.

If you received a lot of aid from others in completing the homework, it is extremely important that you master these homeworks on your own.

Examples from this term

Be sure to review the exams from this terms. Some questions will make a repeat appearence.

Examples from last semseter

Because the textbook changed between the Spring and Fall 2013 semesters, the middle exams will be somewhat different. However, here are some problems from last year’s exam that would be worth reviewing. These problems aren’t exact matches to what we are doing this year, but many of them are close.