Early exam and IDE Practical Review

The early exam and IDE Practical will be given from 1:45 until 3:25 on Tuesday, October 1. The exam will be divided into two 45-minute sections, the Early Exam and the IDE Practical, separated by a 10-minute break.

Early exam

The early exam will cover fundamentals of Java programming language syntax and Java method invocation. You should be familar with the following

If you received a lot of aid from others in completing the homework, it is extremely important that you master these homeworks on your own.

IDE Practical

In the IDE Practical you will be asked to complete a Java class, using a specificed class and package name, to solve a small task involving I/O with the ArrayList and Scanner classes This will be similar to Lab 2.

You will also be asked to upload the program to your moodle page.

Examples from last semseter

The early exam and IDE pratical from last semester’s 202 are available on the Spring 2013 CSCI 202 exams page. Keep in mind that a different textbook was used in the Spring 2013 semester.